Monday, January 3, 2011

Crates and Ropes and Boulders OH MY!

Continuing along the theme of simple assets with painted textures, here is an update on my progress.  Comments and suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged.

The boulder trap... a deliciously simple prop that has become the staple of any adventure game. I was recently inspired by Donkey Kong Return's implementation of boulders.  Their take was to create the geometry in a way that preserved the hard cut look of stone by composing the orb from planar faces other than quads (in their case, using hexagons).  I took a cue from that and tried making this guy from pentagons and triangles.

Rope is a complete pain in the butt to paint.

And in case anyone isn't yet bored of the classic 'steamer trunk'... I've started on another.

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